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The Centre was established in compliance with the Federal Government's initiative through NBT Ethat all tertiary institutions in Nigeria must establish Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDC) to solve graduatesunemployment crises by ensuring that they acquire functional entrepreneurial skills, desirable work habit in addition to their formal education which will enable them to be self-reliant, self-employed and productive members of the society. To this end, Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Study Centre (VSESC) was resuscitated by the school management in June2008 after the..... Read More


Develop skills, which facilitate professional and technical progress of every individual in his or her professional calling or career. Enhance the job skills of all graduates of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, as a means to self-employment, self-sustaining, and self-sufficiency. Read More


The Centre shall take all measures to promote employment, develop employment, develop vocational skills and that workers and students alike shall undertake, update and upgrade their vocational, avocational skills, competencies and proficiencies. Read More